EZ Dock of Maine

EZ Dock of Maine
347 Lunt Road
Brunswick, Maine

Dock Sections

40" Wide X 5' Long X 15" High



Part #204060 

Weight 88 lbs

Flotation Capacity 1,000 lbs

40" Wide X 10' Long X 15" High



Part #204010 

Weight 167 lbs 

Flotation Capacity 2,000 lbs

60" Wide X 10' Long X 15" High



Part #206010 

Weight 257 lbs

Flotation Capacity 3,000 lbs

80" Wide X 10' Long X 15" High



Part #208010 

Weight 338 lbs

Flotation Capacity 4,000 lbs

80" Wide X 120" Long X 8" High



Part #158010 

Weight 250 lbs

Flotation Capacity 1,900 lbs

Low Profile 

Meets FISA and USA Rowing Standards

60" Wide X 120" Long X 15" High



Part # 260120 

Weight 189 lbs

Flotation Capacity 2,000 lbs

Half Hexagon 

Why Choose EZ Dock?

Barefoot Friendly & Slip Resistant


Many Different Sizes Available


Available in Grey or Beige


Patented Flotation Chambers


Strongest Connection on the Market


Rugged Enough to Float a Humvee!


About EZ Dock

EZ Dock Polyethylene Docks

Our floating, modular, composite dock sections can be arranged into a wide variety of configurations to best suit your shoreline needs. 

Color Options

EZ Dock is available in either grey or beige. 

Why EZ Dock?

EZ Dock is extremely durable and slip resistant.

It won't splinter or rot and never needs painting or staining.

Dock sections clean easily with soap and water.

Flexible Flotation Technology

EZ Dock flotation chambers are constructed for optimal strength and structural integrity.

Designed to be extremely stable to walk on with very little side to side movement.

Dock sections adapt easily to changing water conditions and levels.

Innovative Coupling System

The EZ Dock Couplers/ "Dog Bones" allow each dock section to flex on the water.

Couplers are made of recycled materials .

The couplers nut and bolt are made of composite so rusting is never an issue in fresh or salt water.

EZ Design Configuration

EZ Dock sections allow you configure and change your dock to whatever layout you want. 

Customers are constantly saying it was as simple as building with Legos.